Winters in Kansas seem to be wildly cyclic. 20 years ago heavier snow fall lead to drifting and some serious issues with snow removal. For many recent winters, a stiff broom was all you needed to clear snow from sidewalks. Storms and heavy snow fall often seem to sweep around Hutchinson, dropping their load on others, but not us. Here in Hutchinson Kansas, snow removal has not been such a serious issue in recent years. That is not to say it cannot be something we must consider. Changing climate suggests those weather cycles have turned, however, and may bring bigger problems than before.

Hutchinson Kansas Snow Removal Hutch Landscaping

Hutchinson Kansas Snow Removal City Ordinance

Sec. 15-110 Removal of snow or ice from sidewalks. It shall be unlawful for the owners or occupants of
property within the corporate limits of the city, to allow the accumulation of snow or ice on the sidewalk
abutting property for a period of more than 12 hours from the fall or accumulation thereof.

South Hutch Statement Private Property Snow Removal

The South Hutchinson official website says, “City crews are not allowed to go on private property. When clearing streets, snow is pushed to the curb. In some cases snow is pushed to the front of driveways. While this can be inconvenient, it is not intentional, but will not be removed by city crews. Alleyways are only cleared if time permits.

Check our About Us page for a list of some Hutchinson landscaping and lawn/yard care services we provide, including snow removal. We offer additional services including de-icing, fallen tree or branch removal, and other necessary winter services. Do not hesitate to ask us about any of you property care needs. Hutchinson Landscaping isn’t just landscaping. We do much more.

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