When I search Google for landscape services in Hutchinson KS, using the term Hutchinson Landscaping, I am quickly shown a search engine results page (SERP) with 10 entries. Sometimes there are 1 or 2 related ads, and sometimes there is a map showing a few choices that claimed their location. Mostly there are just 5 returns showing above the fold (as per image below). No matter how the results are displayed, making a choice from those 10 best landscaping companies is not as easy as you might think.

Top 10 Best Landscaping Companies Hutchinson Kansas KS
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Top 10 Lists

The thing that stands out for me on today’s search is that 3 of those 5 are directory listings — not actual landscape companies, but lists of the top landscaping services. According to each of the titles, they offer the 10 best landscaping companies in Hutchinson KS.

10 Best Landscaping Companies

These 3 lists (Yelp, Thumbtack, Porch) obviously use different rating and ranking systems because, though they claim to offer the same thing (10 Best Landscaping Companies in Hutchinson, KS), the lists are significantly different. They do not contain the same 10 companies and the same ones they do contain are in different places. That is assuming the lists are actually presented in any order at all.

One additional list, offered as an extension (More Landscaping Companies) by one of the three, provides a further 14 landscaping services.

I have not checked to see if all of these are legitimate companies, or if they are all currently in business. Lists age. What I do notice is they are not all Hutchinson, KS, companies. Some are from half way across the state. I doubt some of those would drive the distance to cut someone’s lawn.

Top 10 Best Landscaping Companies

Here are the 3 lists, and the alternate, at the time of writing.




More Landscaping Companies

Hutchinson Landscaping Very Competitive

So, there you have it. Landscaping service in Hutchinson, KS, is obviously a very competitive business. A total of 36 individual companies are included in these 4 lists. However, you cannot see any of them without leaving Google and going to the list directory site. If you are relying on list directories for your exposure in search engines, you should know that not everyone will take that step.

The two companies that are actually displayed in the SERPs, Scott’s Professional Landscape and Mullen Lawn Care, have the advantage. They are above the fold in the top 5 slots where 80%+ of the choices are made. And they are right there where you can see some of their information. If you like what you see you are more likely to go the next step, directly to their website, where buying decisions will be made.

Cut out the middle man and get a well indexed website. A little search engine optimization (SEO) can go a long way. After all, consider where this website (Hutchinson Landscaping) shows up!

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