Over at the Bing search engine, I searched for Hutchinson Landscaping and we came up at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). We are OK with that. If Bing says we’re first, we will accept their judgement.

Bing SERPs Hutchinson Landscaping

Gotta love these results. We’ve been working hard to achieve results like this so it is gratifying when it happens.

This site is ready to move in and you will start out at the top of search. And we will keep working on it for you, too. Included with site rental. Available extra with purchase. Contact us. This site is for sale or rent. Move in immediately.

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There is a lot more to search engine optimization and search engine marketing than meets the eye. SEO/SEM isn’t rocket science but there is a structure and a process to getting it right. The major search engines all do things differently. We think Google focuses too heavily on lists and directories. This pushes the organic listing one or more layers down from the standard search engine results pages (SERPs) and makes it less likely for you to be found.

We prefer to show up as a single listing in the SERPs, as we do with Bing. Getting there, among the top 5 spots, is possible in Google, too. It just takes more work and a longer time. We are well on the way. You should find us on page 2 of Google (at this time) for the search term “hutchinson landscaping”, and moving up!



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